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Prof. Roden übernimmt DDZ
Professor Michael Roden, der kommende FID-Präsident, übernimmt Leitung des Deutschen Diabetes Zentrums (DDZ) und der Klinik für Innere Medizin / Stoffwechselerkrankungen der Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf
German Romanian Collaboration
The German-Romanian Collaboration in Diabetology: a Central European Story
Alin Stirban, Diabetes Clinic, Heart and Diabetes Center NRW, Bad Oeynhausen
Nachlese EASD 2009
Professor Dr. Michael Roden: Nachlese zur EASD-Tagung 2009
Bundesverdienstkreuz für Prof. Schatz
Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse für Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Helmut Schatz

The German-Romanian Collaboration in Diabetology: a Central European Story
Alin Stirban, Diabetes Clinic, Heart and Diabetes Center NRW, Bad Oeynhausen

Europe has grown together within the last decades, with a speed considered by some too fast, by others to slow. Independently of what critics say, the most important thing is that this growth has found its way and brought an important development to economy, tourism, science and cultural exchange. The development of the European Union was actually a rediscovery of the Old Continent that developed unitarily over centuries and was cut into halves by the communist system for several decades. An important contribution to the continuity of unity during these difficult years was paid by organizations like "FID", the Federation of International Danube Symposia on Diabetes mellitus, founded in Vienna 1969. Western diabetologists invested energy, and also money to build bridges to their colleagues from the east, the latter had to overpass the obstacles put in their way by totalitarian regimes, sometimes risking their own safety in order to exchange with their western counterparts. But efforts were worthwhile. After the fall of the iron curtain, the two pieces of the puzzled Europe still fitted together. And the process continued from both sides with even more intensity.

My personal experience
At the end of 1999, shortly after finishing my medical education in Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg), Romania, I came to Düsseldorf to work as a scientist at the German Diabetes Center under the leadership of Prof. W.A. Scherbaum. This was the beginning of the collaboration between the Romanian University, Iuliu Hatieganu from Cluj and the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. I had the chance to work for four years with excellent scientists that became my mentors like (in alphabetical order) Prof. T. Koschinsky, Prof. W.A. Scherbaum, Prof. D. Tschöpe and Prof. D. Ziegler. I was fortunate to have over these years the support of Prof. Nicolae Hancu, the director of the Diabetes Center in Cluj-Napoca. During the difficult economical period of 2000-2003 in Romania, several transports with goods (medication, hospital equipment and furniture) have been sent from Germany to the Diabetes Center in Cluj-Napoca with the generous help of the German charity association "Twellmann e.V" (Brilon).

The collaboration between Bad Oeynhausen and Cluj-Napoca
Tschoepe Picture (from left): Prof. Tschöpe, Simona Nandrean, Alexandra Pop, Monica Negrean, Alin Stirban

Another chapter of the German-Romanian collaboration started 2003 when Prof. D. Tschöpe became director of the Diabetes Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen, belonging to the Ruhr-University  Bochum,  and offered me the possibility to work with him. Ever since we work together. A tight friendship between Prof. Tschöpe and Prof. Hancu developed, stimulating the scientific and personal exchange between the University in Cluj-Napoca and the Ruhr- University Bochum. Together with Prof. Tschöpe and Prof. Hancu, we have established the "German Romanian Association for the Study of Diabetes Complications" meant to tighten our relations. An exchange program was created and the first to benefit from it was Dr. Monica Negrean, a tight collaborator of Prof. Hancu. She started 2004 to work as a scientist at the Heart and Diabetes Center in Bad Oeynhausen and continued 2 years later as a physician at our clinic. The second to come from Cluj-Napoca was Dr. Simona Nandrean (former Petrule) who joined our scientific group 2006 and after successfully finishing her research project, shortly started to work as a physician at our clinic. At the end of 2007 Dr. Alexandra Pop, from Cluj-Napoca too, joined us and is still working as a scientist here. With the kind financial help of the Central European Diabetes Association (FID), a three months "Hospitation Grant" was given to Dr. Paul Enus-Raduca, a collaborator of Prof. Hancu, who worked at our clinic.

Results of the German-Romanian Cooperation
Over all these years, a significant scientific input returned to Romania, in form of participations at national congresses, books and article collaborations. One of the most important achievements in this field is the creation of an online editorial office that issues the bilingual (German/Romanian) webpage www.drdv.de containing especially medical information for diabetologists and cardiologists. Within one year the webpage achieved a leading position among online diabetes journals in Romania. This was also made possible by a tight collaboration with the German online editorial office of www.diabetes-deutschland.de conducted by Prof. W. A. Scherbaum from Düsseldorf.
As recognition of his valuable collaboration with the University in Cluj-Napoca, Prof. D. Tschöpe received 2007 the title "Doctor honoris causa" of the University Iuliu Hatieganu from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (for details click here). At the same time Mrs. Bärbel Twellmann, the president of the charity organization "Twellmann e.V.", Brilon, Germany, became an honorary member of the Romanian Diabetes Federation (for details click here).
By proposition of Prof. Schatz, I had the privilege to be elected as a member of the executive board of the FID.

Future plans and events of the cooperation
The plans for the future are ambitious too. For 2008 four scholarships for short exchange programs at our clinic have been offered by the "German Romanian Association for the Study of Diabetes Complications". The recipients are doctors from 4 diabetes centers in Romania. During their stay, they will enlarge their clinical and scientific skills allowing standardization of procedures for the performance of common scientific projects in the future.
The 5th Central European Diabetes Congress - 25th International Danube Symposium on Diabetes mellitus - will take place from 1-3 July 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with Prof. N. Hancu and Prof. A. Veresiu as presidents. It will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Diabetes Federation (president Prof. N. Hancu) (for details click here). The organization of this meeting in Cluj-Napoca is a great honor and we thank the FID and its president, Prof. H. Schatz, Bochum for their trust. We will try to organize a both scientifically and clinically interesting meeting. Excellent speakers will "spice" the "scientific menu" with their newest data and contribute to interesting discussions within expert meetings. Cluj-Napoca is a lovely city with an ancient history, built by Romans, and the whole surrounding area of Transylvania (Siebenbürgen) bears much of German tradition. We hope to welcome numerous attendees from the Central European countries and also from whole Europe and offer some flavor of Romanian hospitality.


Ovidiu Alin Stirban
Bad Oeynhausen