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Central European Diabetes Association
Federation of International Danube Symposia on Diabetes mellitus

Scope of the Association

The Federation of International Danube Symposia on Diabetes mellitus, FID, represents as a Central-European Diabetes Association, a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to promote scientific interests and cooperation between all central european groups acting in the area of diabetes mellitus.


This purpose is served by the FID organized symposia, the "International Danube Symposia", which should take place alternatively in western and eastern central-European locations, acompanied by satellite symposia and other smaller events, each held in different locations. The Symposia were held so far by tradition mainly in German, but in future English should be increasingly used.

Sponsorship for young scientists

The medical exchange programms for joung doctors and researchers financially supported by our society, aim at improving contacts, experience exchange and knowledge growth.

Map of the participating countries
The old, traditional countries and the new country-members of the Central-European Diabetes Association, FID.